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CSH Perspectives cover

Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology

Neuronal Signaling through Endocytosis.
Katharina E. Cosker and Rosalind A. Segal
Vol. 6 (2)

CSH Perspectives in Medicine cover

Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine

Oncogenic Mechanisms in Burkitt Lymphoma.
Roland Schmitz, Michele Ceribelli, Stefania Pittaluga, George Wright, and Louis M. Staudt
Vol. 4 (2)

CSH Protocols cover

Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

Measuring the Ca2+-Binding Kinetics of Proteins.
Guido C Faas and Istvan Mody
doi: 10.1101/pdb.top066258

Subcapsular Transplantation of Tissue in the Kidney.
Leonard D. Shultz, Neal Goodwin, Fumihiko Ishikawa, Vishnu Hosur, Bonnie L. Lyons, and Dale L. Greiner
doi: 10.1101/pdb.prot078089

Genes and Development cover

Genes & Development

Global microRNA depletion suppresses tumor angiogenesis.
Sidi Chen, Yuan Xue, Xuebing Wu, Cong Le, Arjun Bhutkar, Eric L. Bell, Feng Zhang, Robert Langer, and Phillip A. Sharp
Vol. 28 (10) 1054–1067.

An integrative analysis of colon cancer identifies an essential function for PRPF6 in tumor growth.
Adam S. Adler, Mark L. McCleland, Sharon Yee, Murat Yaylaoglu, Sofia Hussain, Ely Cosino, Gabriel Quinones, Zora Modrusan, Somasekar Seshagiri, Eric Torres, Vivek S. Chopra, Benjamin Haley, Zemin Zhang, Elizabeth M. Blackwood, Mallika Singh, Melissa Junttila, Jean-Philippe Stephan, Jinfeng Liu, Gregoire Pau, Eric R. Fearon, Zhaoshi Jiang, and Ron Firestein
Vol. 28 (10) 1068–1084.

MZB1 is a GRP94 cochaperone that enables proper immunoglobulin heavy chain biosynthesis upon ER stress.
Marc Rosenbaum, Virginia Andreani, Tanya Kapoor, Simone Herp, Henrik Flach, Marlena Duchniewicz, and Rudolf Grosschedl
Vol. 28 (11) 1165–1178.

MuLV-related endogenous retroviral elements and Flt3 participate in aberrant end-joining events that promote B-cell leukemogenesis.
Radia M. Johnson, Eniko Papp, Ildiko Grandal, Paul E. Kowalski, Lauryl Nutter, Raymond C.C. Wong, Ann M. Joseph-George, Jayne S. Danska, and Cynthia J. Guidos
Vol. 28 (11) 1179–1190.

Genome Research cover

Genome Research

A cloud-compatible bioinformatics pipeline for ultrarapid pathogen identification from next-generation sequencing of clinical samples.
Samia N. Naccache, Scot Federman, Narayanan Veeraraghavan, Matei Zaharia, Deanna Lee, Erik Samayoa, Jerome Bouquet, Alexander L. Greninger, Ka-Cheung Luk, Barryett Enge, Debra A. Wadford, Sharon L. Messenger, Gillian L. Genrich, Kristen Pellegrino, Gilda Grard, Eric Leroy, Bradley S. Schneider, Joseph N. Fair, Miguel A. Martínez, Pavel Isa, John A. Crump, Joseph L. DeRisi, Taylor Sittler, John Hackett Jr., Steve Miller and Charles Y. Chiu
Vol. 24 (7) 1180–1192.

This month Genome Research published a computational pipeline for identifying pathogens in a clinical sample using next-generation sequencing. Unlike previous tools, which require days or even weeks to run and thus are not able to guide treatment options for critically ill patients, SURPI (“sequence-based ultra rapid pathogen identification”) can return pathogen hits within minutes of DNA sequencing. SURPI has already been used to identify the causes of many infectious diseases, including that of a 14-year-old boy suffering from encephalitis, as highlighted in The New York Times, and is also expected to be instrumental in detecting pathogens of potential outbreak importance.

Learning and Memory cover

Learning & Memory

A novel role for the rat retrosplenial cortex in cognitive control.
Andrew J.D. Nelson, Emma L. Hindley, Josephine E. Haddon, Seralynne D. Vann, and John P. Aggleton
Vol. 21 (2) 90–97.

RNA cover


Conserved expression of lincRNA during human and macaque prefrontal cortex development and maturation.
Zhisong He, Hindrike Bammann, Dingding Han, Gangcai Xie, and Philipp Khaitovich
Vol. 20 (7) 1103–1110.