` Molecular Biology of Aging
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Molecular Biology of Aging

(Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Series 51)

Book Series:  Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Series
Subject Area(s):  Human Biology & DiseaseCell BiologyBiotechnologyMolecular BiologyMedical ScienceCancer and Oncogenes

Edited by Leonard P. Guarente, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge; Linda Partridge, University College London, UK; Douglas C. Wallace, University of California, Irvine

© 2008 • 610 pp., illus., index
Hardcover • $135 33.75 • ISBN  978-087969824-9
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Research into the causes of aging, and strategies to delay that process, have gained much ground and attention in recent years. This collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology covers the major threads in the molecular genetics of aging, including genes that regulate aging, causes of aging, evolutionary theories of aging, and the relationship between diet and aging. Among specific topics covered are calorie restriction, mitochondria, sirtuins, telomeres, stem cells, and cancer. Each chapter is written by one or more leaders in the field, and the book presents the current status of this exciting research area and provides an invaluable source of information in a single volume.



review:  “This excellent book provides an overview of the state of the field. Many of the people who contributed to the transformation of the biology of aging came together to review this topic...This results in a very complete book on the biology of aging that should serve as an excellent resource for both researchers and students.”
      —The Quarterly Review of Biology

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1. The Human Mitochondrion and Pathophysiology of Aging and Age-related Diseases
D.C. Wallace
2. Sirtuins: A Universal Link between NAD, Metabolism, and Aging
S.-i. Imai and L. P. Guarente
3. Calorie Restriction in Lower Organisms
S.L. Helfand, J.H. Bauer, and J.G. Wood
4. Evolutionary Theory in Aging Research
S.N. Austad and T.B.L. Kirkwood
5. An Overview of the Biology of Aging: A Human Perspective
G.M. Martin and C.E. Finch
6. p53, Cancer, and Longevity
L.A. Donehower and A.J. Levine
7. Aging Processes in Caenorhabditis elegans
H.A. Tissenbaum and T.E. Johnson
8. Cellular Senescence: A Link between Tumor Suppression and Organismal Aging?
J.M. Sedivy, U.M. Munoz-Najar, J.C. Jeyapalan, and J. Campisi
9. Genome-wide Views of Aging Gene Networks
S.K. Kim
10. Aging in Mammalian Stem Cells and Other Self-renewing Compartments
D.J. Rossi and N.E. Sharpless
11. Yeast, A Feast: The Fruit Fly Drosophila as a Model Organism for Research into Aging
L. Partridge and J. Tower
12. DNA Repair and Aging
V.A. Bohr, D.M. Wilson, III, N.C. de Souza-Pinto, I. van der Pluijm, and J.H. Hoeijmakers
13. Extended Life Span in Mice with Reduction in the GH/IGF-1 Axis
J.J. Kopchick, A. Bartke, and D.E. Berryman
14. Alzheimer’s Disease: Genetics, Pathogenesis, Models, and Experimental Therapeutics
P.C. Wong, D.L. Price, L. Bertram, and R.E. Tanzi
15. How Does Calorie Restriction Increase the Longevity of Mammals?
R. Weindruch, R.J. Colman, V. Pérez, and A.G. Richardson
16. Determination of Aging Rate by Coordinated Resistance to Multiple Forms of Stress
G.J. Lithgow and R.A. Miller
17. Molecular Mechanisms of Aging: Insights from Budding Yeast
S.-J. Lin and D. Sinclair
18. Genetics of Exceptional Longevity
T.T. Perls and P. Sebastiani
19. Mammalian Metabolism in Aging
P. Puigserver and C.R. Kahn
20. Telomeres and Telomerase in Aging and Cancer
J.W. Shay and W.E. Wright

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