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Type 1 Diabetes

Subject Area(s):  Human Biology & Disease

Edited by Jeffrey A. Bluestone, University of California at San Francisco; Mark A. Atkinson, University of Florida, College of Medicine; Peter R. Arvan, University of Michigan Health System

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© 2012 • 305 pp., illus., index
Hardcover • $135 • ISBN  978-1-936113-21-7


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Type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile-onset or insulin-dependentdiabetes mellitus, is caused by the destruction of insulin-producing β cells in the pancreas by the body’s immune system. It affects millions of individuals worldwide, who require regular insulin injections to control blood glucose levels and avoid severe consequences of glucose dysregulation.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine provides a detailed examination of the causes and pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes. The contributors discuss genetic risk factors, environmental triggers, and our current understanding of the autoimmune response underlying the condition. Animal models for diabetes, epidemiological considerations in disease etiology, and the development of diagnostic markers and tools are also reviewed.

This volume includes discussions of treatment strategies for type 1 diabetes, such as immunosuppressive drugs, antigen-specific approaches, pancreas and islet transplantation, and the use of stem cells. It is an essential reference for not only immunologists, physiologists, cell and developmental biologists, and geneticists, but all medical scientists and physicians interested in the pathology and treatment of this difficult disease.

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The Pathogenesis and Natural History of Type 1 Diabetes
Mark A. Atkinson
Breakdown in Peripheral Tolerance in Type 1 Diabetes in Mice and Humans
Lukas T. Jeker, Hélène Bour-Jordan, and Jeffrey A. Bluestone
Generating β Cells from Stem Cells—The Story So Far
Matthias Hebrok
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, Pancreatic β-Cell Degeneration, and Diabetes
Feroz R. Papa
Genetics of Type 1 Diabetes
Janelle A. Noble and Henry A. Erlich
Humoral Autoimmunity in Type 1 Diabetes: Prediction, Significance, and Detection of Distinct Disease Subtypes
Massimo Pietropaolo, Roberto Towns, and George S. Eisenbarth
Immunologic and Metabolic Biomarkers of β-Cell Destruction in the Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes
Jasmin Lebastchi and Kevan C. Herold
Islet Autoantigens: Structure, Function, Localization, and Regulation
Peter Arvan, Massimo Pietropaolo, David Ostrov, and Christopher J. Rhodes
Do MHCII-Presented Neoantigens Drive Type 1 Diabetes and Other Autoimmune Diseases?
Philippa Marrack and John W. Kappler
Antigen Targets of Type 1 Diabetes Autoimmunity
Bart O. Roep and Mark Peakman
The Hygiene Hypothesis: An Explanation for the Increased Frequency of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes
Jean-François Bach and Lucienne Chatenoud
Environmental Triggers of Type 1 Diabetes
Mikael Knip and Olli Simell
Virus Infections in Type 1 Diabetes
Ken T. Coppieters, Tobias Boettler, and Matthias von Herrath
Connecting Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes through Innate Immunity
Justin I. Odegaard and Ajay Chawla
Advancing Animal Models of Human Type 1 Diabetes by Engraftment of Functional Human Tissues in Immunodeficient Mice
Michael A. Brehm, Alvin C. Powers, Leonard D. Shultz, and Dale L. Greiner
Antigen-Specific Therapeutic Approaches in Type 1 Diabetes
Xavier Clemente-Casares, Sue Tsai, Carol Huang, and Pere Santamaria
Clinical Immunologic Interventions for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
Lucienne Chatenoud, Katharina Warncke, and Anette-G. Ziegler
Update on Islet Transplantation
Michael McCall and A.M. James Shapiro
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