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DNA Replication

Subject Area(s):  Genetics and Genome ScienceMolecular BiologyBiochemistry

Edited by Stephen D. Bell, Indiana University, Bloomington; Marcel Méchali, Institute of Human Genetics, CNRS, Montpellier; Melvin L. DePamphilis, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda

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© 2013 • 576 pp., illus. (88 4C, 33 B&W), appendices, index
Hardcover • $135 87.75 • ISBN  978-1-936113-48-4
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DNA replication is essential for the propagation of life on Earth. Cells in living organisms must be able to synthesize a complete copy of their DNA with extraordinary precision, so that they can pass this genetic material on to their descendants. DNA replication involves the coordinated interplay and regulation of many complex protein assemblies during the various stages of cell division. When these processes go awry, cancer and other diseases can ensue.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology covers all aspects of DNA replication and its control across all domains of life. The contributors examine the molecular machinery involved in the assembly of replication origin complexes, the establishment of replication forks, unzipping of the double helix, priming of DNA synthesis, and elongation of daughter strands. Chromatin organization and dynamics, lagging-strand maturation, telomere replication, and mechanisms to handle errors and damage in DNA are also discussed.

Including examination of the complex interactions between the core replication machinery and the regulatory circuits that drive cell cycle progression, this volume is an indispensable reference for not only biochemists and molecular biologists, but also cell biologists and all who want to understand this fundamental process of life.

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Dedication to Arthur Kornberg
In Memoriam
Principles and Concepts of DNA Replication in Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya
Michael O’Donnell, Lance Langston, and Bruce Stillman
DNA Replication Origins
Alan C. Leonard and Marcel Méchali
Dormant Replication Origins
Debbie Mcintosh and J. Julian Blow
Break-Induced DNA Replication
Ranjith P. Anand, Susan T. Lovett, and James E. Haber
Helicase Loading at Chromosomal Origins of Replication
Stephen P. Bell and Jon M. Kaguni
Helicase Activation and Establishment of Replication Forks at Chromosomal Origins of Replication
Seiji Tanaka and Hiroyuki Araki
The Minichromosome Maintenance Replicative Helicase
Stephen D. Bell and Michael R. Botchan
Spatial and Temporal Organization of DNA Replication in Bacteria and Eukarya
Dean Jackson, Xindan Wang, and David Z. Rudner
DNA Replication Timing
Nicholas Rhind and David M. Gilbert
Replication-Fork Dynamics
Karl E. Duderstadt, Rodrigo Reyes-Lamothe, Antoine M. van Oijen, and David J. Sherratt
Replication Clamps and Clamp Loaders
Mark Hedglin, Ravindra Kumar, and Stephen J. Benkovic
Okazaki Fragment Metabolism
Lata Balakrishnan and Robert A. Bambara
Chromatin and DNA Replication
David M. MacAlpine and Geneviève Almouzni
Sister Chromatid Cohesion
Jan-Michael Peters and Tomoko Nishiyama
Replicative DNA Polymerases
Erik Johansson and Nicholas Dixon
Translesion DNA Polymerases
Myron F. Goodman and Roger Woodgate
Rescuing Stalled or Damaged Replication Forks
Joseph T.P. Yeeles, Jérôme Poli, Kenneth J. Marians, and Philippe Pasero
Replication of Telomeres and the Regulation of Telomerase
Verena Pfeiffer and Joachim Lingner
Genomic Instability in Cancer
Tarek Abbas, Mignon A. Keaton, and Anindya Dutta
Replication Proteins and Human Disease
Andrew P. Jackson, Ronald A. Laskey, and Nicholas Coleman
Regulating DNA Replication in Bacteria
Kirsten Skarstad and Tsutomu Katayama
Regulating DNA Replication in Eukarya
Khalid Siddiqui, Kin Fan On, and John F.X. Diffley
Regulating DNA Replication in Plants
Maria de la Paz Sanchez, Celina Costas, Joana Sequeira-Mendes, and Crisanto Gutierrez
Norman Zielke, Bruce A. Edgar, and Melvin L. DePamphilis
Archaeology of Eukaryotic DNA Replication
Kira S. Makarova and Eugene V. Koonin
Human Mitochondrial DNA Replication
Ian J. Holt and Aurelio Reyes
Parvovirus Diversity and DNA Damage Responses
Susan F. Cotmore and Peter Tattersall
Human Papillomavirus Infections: Warts or Cancer?
Louise T. Chow and Thomas R. Broker
Adenovirus DNA Replication
Rob C. Hoeben and Taco G. Uil
Herpes Simplex Virus DNA Replication
Sandra K. Weller and Donald M. Coen
Epstein-Barr Virus DNA Replication
Wolfgang Hammerschmidt and Bill Sugden
Poxvirus DNA Replication
Bernard Moss
Table 1. Databases for identification of genes in different organisms
Table 2. Style conventions for gene and protein nomenclature
Table 3. Nomenclature for proteins and protein complexes in different organisms
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