Book-related Websites

    Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Informatics
    This website contains tutorials, guides to supplies and software for Next-Generation DNA Sequencing, with more to come.
    Blue Skies and Bench Space: Adventures in Cancer Research
    The full book in HTML and PDF format and the author's blog.
    Means to an End: Apoptosis and Other Cell Death Mechanisms
    Details about the author, videos, further reading, and other resources related to the book.
    Bioinformatics, Second Edition
    Online problem sets, download figures and tables, links to websites mentioned in the book, access BioPerl, Perl, and R script programs mentioned in the book.
    An Illustrated Chinese-English Guide for Biomedical Scientists
    Pronunciation guide for the English terms covered in the book. Listen to audio files of the correct English pronunciation for all terms.
    DNA Microarrays
    An expansion of the material found in the print edition of Appendix 1, Generation of Full-length Libraries by Piero Carninci, links to databases, reference list linked to Medline. Download selected figures and tables from the book.
    Symposia on Quantitative Biology
    Downloadable full text of articles from previous volumes, and from new volume ahead of print; video interviews with meeting participants; and links to other symposium-related sites, including archival material.
    Genes & Signals
    A Genetic Switch, Third Edition
    Transcriptional Regulation in Eukaryotes, Second Edition
    An Introduction to Nervous Systems
    From a to α: Yeast as a Model for Cellular Differentiation

    Download figures from these books.
    Details about the authors and content of the textbook; registration for exam copies, downloadable figures, problem sets, and more.
    Gastrulation: From Cells to Embryo
    Download supplemental data, movies of gastrulation in a variety of species, and figures from the book.
    Proteins And Proteomics
    Purifying Proteins for Proteomics
    Protein–Protein Interactions, Second Edition

    An online companion to the protein manuals, including additional protocols, figures, tables, links to databases and other Web resources, and references linked to PubMed. Also included are selected chapters from the previous edition of Protein–Protein Interactions.
    The RNA World, Third Edition
    A companion site to include selected chapters from previous editions, additional tables, and links to Web resources.
    DNA Replication and Human Disease
    Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Series 47
    A companion site which contains electronic versions of all figures from the book, along with complete versions of all chapters from our previous monograph on DNA Replication in Eukaryotic Cells.
    Binding and Kinetics for Molecular Biologists
    This companion website provides a set of computer simulations that can be used to visualize important concepts presented in the book, offering a better understanding of binding and rate curves and fitting data.
    Searching for science supplies. Features listings from more than 6,500 laboratory supply companies and more than 20,000 items. Find the materials you need quickly and easily. Download CSHL Press protocols for techniques like PCR, RNAi, and more; browse science job listings, and access the BioToolKit, a directory of links to online molecular biology and neuroinformatics resources.