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(Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology LXXIX)

Book Series:  Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology
Subject Area(s):  Cognition and BehaviorHuman Biology and DiseaseNeurobiology

Edited by Cori Bargmann, The Rockefeller University; Daphne Bavelier, University of Geneva, Switzerland, and University of Rochester; Terrence Sejnowski, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies; David Stewart, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Bruce Stillman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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Contents and Foreword
Sample Conversations with Symposium Participants: Dora Angelaki, Cori Bargmann, and James DiCarlo

© 2015 • 308 pages, illustrated (111 color, 116 B&W), index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-621821-26-7

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The Proceedings of the 79th Symposium capture many of the tremendous discoveries currently being made by neuroscientists and psychologists working on cognitive processes at scales varying from the molecular to circuit to whole-brain and theoretical studies. Major advances in understanding cognitive function, including learning, memory, language, and decision-making, are being made through the application of powerful new techniques and approaches. The scientific results discussed in this volume shed light on many areas of normal brain function but also offer novel insights into the treatment of psychiatric, neurological, and neurodegenerative diseases. This volume includes state-of-the-art neurobiological research at genetic, molecular, cellular, circuit, and whole brain resolution. Additional chapters address computational neuroscience, behavioral and psychophysical studies, and evolutionary/comparative neuroscience. The Conversations included in this volume are based on interviews conducted during the Symposium and offer a broader anecdotal perspective on this fascinating subject by many of the world's leading cognitive neuroscientists. The Symposium Proceedings provides an integrative overview of the current state of the field as well as a glimpse into the emerging connections between molecular/cellular/circuit mechanisms and higher brain function by leading authorities in the field.


Symposium Participants
Physiology of Cognition
A Neural Circuit That Controls Cortical State, Plasticity, and the Gain of Sensory Responses in Mouse
Michael P. Stryker
Diverse Effects of Conditioned Threat Stimuli on Behavior
Justin M. Moscarello and Joseph LeDoux
Animal-to-Animal Variability in Neuromodulation and Circuit Function
Albert W. Hamood and Eve Marder
The Brainstem Oscillator for Whisking and the Case for Breathing as the Master Clock for Orofacial Motor Actions
David Kleinfeld, Jeffrey D. Moore, Fan Wang, and Martin Deschênes
Neural Syntax and Substrates
Emergence of Cognition from Action
György Buzsáki, Adrien Peyrache, and John Kubie
Dynamic Hippocampal Circuits Support Learning- and Memory-Guided Behaviors
Emily B. Anderson, Irene Grossrubatscher, and Loren Frank
Identification and Manipulation of Memory Engram Cells
Xu Liu, Steve Ramirez, Roger L. Redondo, and Susumu Tonegawa
Movement and Motor Control
A Dynamical Basis Set for Generating Reaches
Mark M. Churchland and John P. Cunningham
Internal and External Feedback Circuits for Skilled Forelimb Movement
Eiman Azim, Andrew J.P. Fink, and Thomas M. Jessell
Computations in Sensorimotor Learning
Daniel M. Wolpert
Visual Perception and Neural Computation
Neural Mechanisms Underlying Visual Object Recognition
Arash Afraz, Daniel L.K. Yamins, and James J. DiCarlo
The Macaque Face Patch System: A Window into Object Representation
Doris Tsao
Representation of Naturalistic Image Structure in the Primate Visual Cortex
J. Anthony Movshon and Eero P. Simoncelli
Eye Movement and Motion Perception
The Influence of Gaze Control on Visual Perception: Eye Movements and Visual Stability
Rebecca M. Krock and Tirin Moore
Neural Circuits for Motion Vision in the Fly
Alexander Borst
How Optic Flow and Inertial Cues Improve Motion Perception
Dora E. Angelaki
Attention and Value
How Attention Affects Spatial Resolution
Marisa Carrasco and Antoine Barbot
Causal Model Comparison Shows That Human Representation Learning Is Not Bayesian
Andra Geana and Yael Niv
Perceptual Judgment and Decision-Making
Understanding of the Hows and Whys of Decision-Making: From Expected Utility to Divisive Normalization
Paul Glimcher
Spontaneous Decisions and Free Will: Empirical Results and Philosophical Considerations
Joana Rigato, Masayoshi Murakami, and Zachary Mainen
Predicting the Accuracy of a Decision: A Neural Mechanism of Confidence
Christopher R. Fetsch, Roozbeh Kiani, and Michael N. Shadlen
Internal States and Behavioral Decision-Making: Toward an Integration of Emotion and Cognition
Ann Kennedy, Kenta Asahina, Eric Hoopfer, Hidehiko Inagaki, Yonil Jung, Hyosang Lee, Ryan Remedios, and David J. Anderson
Perception and Social Behavior
Early Language Learning and the Social Brain
Patricia K. Kuhl
Dopaminergic Dynamics Contributing to Social Behavior
Lisa A. Gunaydin and Karl Deisseroth
Cognitive Skills Needed for Social Hierarchies
Russell D. Fernald
Summary: Cognition in 2014
Terrence J. Sejnowski
Dorcas Cummings Lecture
Patricia Smith Churchland
Conversations at the Symposium
David Anderson
Dora Angelaki
Richard Axel
Cori Bargmann
Patricia Churchland
Karl Deisseroth
Robert Desimone
James DiCarlo
Adam Gazzaley
Ann Graybiel
Joseph LeDoux
Eric Nestler
Alexandre Pouget
Matthew Rushworth
Michael Shadlen
Karel Svoboda
Susumu Tonegawa
Daniel Wolpert
Tony Zador
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