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Subject Area(s):  YeastCell BiologyMolecular Biology

Edited by Jonathan Pines, Wellcome / Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute; Anthony Hyman, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics; Mitsuhiro Yanagida, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation

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Preface and Contents
The Role of Model Organisms in the History of Mitosis Research

© 2015 • 203 pages, illustrated (42 color, 4 B&W), index
Paperback •
ISBN  978-1-621821-35-9

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Virtually every cell in a living organism contains an identical set of chromosomes thanks to mitosis, a complex process involving hundreds of proteins and regulatory steps that ensures duplicated chromosomes are segregated equally into each daughter cell when a cell divides. Errors in this process can lead to genomic instability and are associated with cancer and other diseases.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology covers both historical and recent developments in our understanding of mitosis and its regulation. The contributors describe how sister chromatids attach to one another and to the spindle apparatus; how the spindle microtubules nucleate, elongate, pause, and shrink; and how kinetochores and centrosomes serve as anchor and control points. They also survey the biochemical machinery that coordinates the three main regulatory stages—entry into mitosis, sister chromatid separation, and mitotic exit—in both space and time.

The cellular changes that occur during cytokinesis are also reviewed in detail, as are the key differences between mitosis and meiosis. This volume will serve as a valuable reference for all cell and molecular biologists interested in this dramatic phase of the cell cycle.


The Role of Model Organisms in the History of Mitosis Research
Mitsuhiro Yanagida
The Biochemistry of Mitosis
Samuel Wieser and Jonathon Pines
Emergent Properties of the Metaphase Spindle
Simone Reber and Anthony A. Hyman
Chromosome Dynamics during Mitosis
Tatsuya Hirano
The Centrosome and Its Duplication Cycle
Jingyan Fu, Iain M. Hagan, and David M. Glover
The Centromere: Epigenetic Control of Chromosome Segregation during Mitosis
Frederick G. Westhorpe and Aaron F. Straight
The Kinetochore
Iain M. Cheeseman
Cytokinesis in Animal Cells
Pier Paolo D’Avino, Maria Grazia Giansanti, and Mark Petronczki
Aurea Mediocritas: The Importance of a Balanced Genome
Gianluca Varetti, David Pellman, and David J. Gordon
Meiosis: An Overview of Key Differences from Mitosis
Hiroyuki Ohkura

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