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Subject Area(s):  Human Biology and DiseaseImmunology and Vaccines

Edited by Laurence A. Turka, Harvard Medical School; Kathryn J. Wood, University of Oxford

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© 2014 • 429 pp., illus. (35 4C, 14 B&W), index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-936113-88-0

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The transplantation of organs such as the heart, kidney, and lungs is an important means of replacing seriously damaged or diseased body parts. However, a transplanted organ may fail if the recipient’s immune system mounts a response to it. Transplant patients are usually prescribed a life-long course of immunosuppressive medication, but these drugs can have adverse effects, including increased risk of infection and cancer.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine provides a current and comprehensive review of the molecular mechanisms behind graft rejection and how they may be overcome. Contributors discuss immunosuppressive drug therapies and tolerance induction strategies, including the use of regulatory T cells, mesenchymal stromal cells, and lymphodepletion. They describe how mouse and non-human primate models have been used to gain insight into the immunobiology of transplantation and to test therapeutic approaches. Clinical considerations, such as donor selection, organ preservation, surgery, and post-operative care, are also covered.

This volume includes discussion of the emerging field of regenerative medicine and the bioethical issues surrounding organ transplantation, and provides historical background to the field. It is an essential reference for immunologists, pharmacologists, clinicians, and all who are working to improve this remarkable medical procedure.


Historical Overview of Transplantation
Clyde F. Barker and James F. Markmann
Why is Organ Transplantation Clinically Important?
Josep M. Grinyó
Biology of Rejection and Tolerance
Origin and Biology of the Allogeneic Response
Fadi G. Lakkis and Robert I. Lechler
Effector Mechanisms of Rejection
Aurélie Moreau, Ignacia Anegon, and Maria-Cristina Cuturi
The Innate Immune System and Transplantation
Conrad A. Farrar, Jerzy W. Kupiec-Weglinski, and Steven H. Sacks
Immunosuppressive Drug Therapy
Choli Hartono, Thangamani Muthukumar, and Manikkam Suthanthiran
Lessons and Limits of Mouse Models
Anita S. Chong, Maria-Luisa Alegre, Michelle L. Miller, and Robert L. Fairchild
Primate Models in Organ Transplantation
Douglas J. Anderson and Allan D. Kirk
Lymphodepletional Strategies
Eugenia Page, Jean Kwun, Byoungcheol Oh, and Stuart Knechtle
Induction of Tolerance through Mixed Chimerism
David H. Sachs, Tatsuo Kawai, and Megan Sykes
T Cell Costimulatory Blockade in Organ Transplantation
Jonathan S. Maltzman and Laurence A. Turka
Regulatory Cells and Transplantation Tolerance
Stephen P. Cobbold and Herman Waldmann
Regulatory T Cell Therapy in Transplantation: Moving to the Clinic
Qizhi Tang and Jeffrey A. Bluestone
Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in Transplantation Rejection and Tolerance
Karen English and Kathryn J. Wood
Immunological Challenges and Therapies in Xenotransplantation
Marta Vadori and Emanuele Cozzi
Tolerance—Is It Worth It?
Erik B. Finger, Terry B. Strom, and Arthur J. Matas
Clinical Aspects
Liver Transplantation
Stefan Farkas, Christina Hackl, and Hans Jürgen Schlitt
Pancreas Transplantation: Solid Organ and Islet Cell
Shruti Mittal, Paul Johnson, and Peter Friend
Clinical Overview of Lung Transplantation
Jonathan C. Yeung and Shaf Keshavjee
Heart Transplantation and Organ-Specific Differences in Rejection and Tolerance
Makoto Tonsho, Sebastian Michel, Zain Ahmed, Alessandro Alessandrini, and Joren C. Madsen
Clinical Aspects: Focusing on Key Unique Organ Specific Issues–Renal Transplantation
Sindhu Chandran and Flavio Vincenti
Facial and Hand Allotransplantation
Bohdan Pomahac, Ryan M. Gobble, and Stefan Schneeberger
Opportunistic Infections—Coming to the Limits of Immunosuppression?
Jay A. Fishman
Cancer in the Transplant Recipient
J.R. Chapman, A. C. Webster, and G. Wong
Bioethics of Organ Transplantation
Arthur Caplan
Future Outlook
Will Regenerative Medicine Replace Transplantation?
Giuseppe Orlando, Shay Soker, Robert J. Stratta, and Anthony Atala