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Metabolism and Disease

Book Series:  Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology
Subject Area(s):  Human Biology and DiseaseMolecular Biology

Edited by Terri Grodzicker, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Bruce Stillman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; David Stewart, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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© 2011 • 422 pp., illus., index

Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-936113-56-9

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This volume is based on presentations by world-renowned investigators who gathered at the 76th Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology. It reviews the latest advances in our understanding of metabolism and disease, including research on fat, exercise and rhythms; insulin resistance and sensitivity; lifespan, aging and cancer; regulation and dysregulation of metabolism; signaling and gene regulation; environment and sensing; metabolic reprogramming; clocks and intermediary metabolism; metabolism and cancer; and autophagy, timing and small RNAs.


Symposium Participants
Bioenergetic Origins of Complexity and Disease
D.C. Wallace
Nuclear Receptors and AMPK: Resetting Metabolism
W. Fan, M. Downes, A. Atkins, R. Yu, and R.M. Evans
Rethinking the Regulation of Cellular Metabolism
C.B. Thompson
Clocks and Rhythms
The Time of Metabolism: NAD+, SIRT1, and the Circadian Clock
M.M. Bellet, R. Orozco-Solis, S. Sahar, K. Eckel-Mahan, and P. Sassone-Corsi
The Mammalian Circadian Timing System: Synchronization of Peripheral Clocks
C. Saini, D.M. Suter, A. Liani, P. Gos, and U. Schibler
Circadian Epigenomic Remodeling and Hepatic Lipogenesis: Lessons from HDAC3
Z. Sun, D. Feng, L.J. Everett, A. Bugge, and M.A. Lazar
Estrogen-Related Receptor α, the Molecular Clock, and Transcriptional Control of Metabolic Outputs
V. Giguère, C.R. Dufour, L.J. Eichner, G. Deblois, and N. Cermakian
Circadian Clocks in Fuel Harvesting and Energy Homeostasis
K.M Ramsey and J. Bass
Life Span and Aging
Gamete Formation Resets the Aging Clock in Yeast
E. Ünal and A. Amon
Sirtuins, Aging, and Metabolism
L. Guarente
The Heat Shock Response: Systems Biology of Proteotoxic Stress in Aging and Disease
R.I. Morimoto
Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells: Effects of Aging and Metabolism on Muscle Regenerative Function
Y.C. Jang, M. Sinha, M. Cerletti, C. Dall’Osso, and A.J. Wagers
The C. elegans DAF-2 Insulin-Like Receptor is Abundantly Expressed in the Nervous System and Regulated by Nutritional Status
K.D. Kimura, D.L. Riddle, and G. Ruvkun
Regulation and Dysregulation of Metabolism
Surviving Starvation: Essential Role of the Ghrelin-Growth Hormone Axis
J.L. Goldstein, T.-j. Zhao, R.L. Li, D.P. Sherbet, G. Liang, and M.S. Brown
Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Control of Cholesterol Homeostasis by Liver X Receptors
P. Tontonoz
Roles of FGF19 in Liver Metabolism
S. Kir, S.A. Kliewer, and D.J. Mangelsdorf
A New Approach to an Old Problem: Synthetic Biology Tools for Human Disease and Metabolism
D.R. Burrill, P.M. Boyle, and P.A. Silver
Signaling and Gene Regulation
Adenosine Monophosphate–Activated Protein Kinase: A Central Regulator of Metabolism with Roles in Diabetes, Cancer, and Viral Infection
D.G. Hardie
Regulated Histone Methyltransferase and Demethylase Complexes in the Control of Genes by Nuclear Receptors
A. Yokoyama, R. Fujiki, F. Ohtake, and S. Kato
Transcriptional Control of Cardiac Fuel Metabolism and Mitochondrial Function
T.C. Leone and D.P. Kelly
Metabolic Specialization of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
J. Wang, P. Alexander, S.L. McKnight
On Acetyl-CoA as a Gauge of Cellular Metabolic State
L. Cai and B.P. Tu
Metabolic Reprogramming
Nutrient-Dependent Acetylation Controls Basic Regulatory Metabolic Switches and Cellular Reprogramming
J.E. Dominy, Z. Gerhart-Hines, and P. Puigserver
Control of Glycolysis through Regulation of PFK1: Old Friends and Recent Additions
I. Mor, E.C. Cheung, and K.H. Vousden
ENTPD5, an Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) UDPase, Alleviates ER Stress Induced by Protein Overloading in AKT-Activated Cancer Cells
Z. Shen, S. Huang, M. Fang, and X. Wang
MicroRNAs in Metabolism and Metabolic Diseases
V. Rottiers, S.H. Najafi-Shoushtari, F. Kristo, S. Gurumurthy, L. Zhong, Y. Li, D.E Cohen, R.E. Gerszten, N. Bardeesy, R. Mostoslavsky, and A.M. Näär
Metabolomics in Drug Target Discovery
J.D. Rabinowitz, J.G. Purdy, L. Vastag, T. Shenk, and E. Koyuncu
Fat, Intermediary Metabolism, and Exercise
Transcriptional Networks Controlling Adipocyte Differentiation
R. Siersbæk and S. Mandrup
Adiponectin, Adiponectin Receptors, and Epigenetic Regulation of Adipogenesis
T. Kadowaki, T. Yamauchi, H. Waki, M. Iwabu, M. Okada-Iwabu, and M. Nakamura
SIRT3 Regulates Mitochondrial Protein Acetylation and Intermediary Metabolism
M.D. Hirschey, T. Shimazu, J.-Y. Huang, B. Schwer, and E. Verdin
Regulation of Male Fertility by Bone
G. Karsenty
Regulation of Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis by Acetylation of PKM and PEPCK
Y. Xiong, Q-Y. Lei, S. Zhao, and K-L. Guan
NAD+ as a Signaling Molecule Modulating Metabolism
C. Cantó and J. Auwerx
Metabolism and Cancer
Cancer Cell Metabolism
R.A. Cairns, I. Harris, S. McCracken, and T.W. Mak
Extracellular Matrix Regulation of Metabolism and Implications for Tumorigenesis
A.R. Grassian, J.L. Coloff, and J.S. Brugge
Metabolic Pathway Alterations that Support Cell Proliferation
M.G. Vander Heiden, S.Y. Lunt, T.L. Dayton, B.P. Fiske, W.J. Israelsen, K.R. Mattaini, N.I. Vokes, G. Stephanopoulos, L.C. Cantley, C.M. Metallo, and J.W. Locasale
Cancer and Altered Metabolism: Potential Importance of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor and 2-Oxoglutarate-Dependent Dioxygenases
W.G. Kaelin, Jr.
Regulation of Metabolism by Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1
G.L. Semenza
mRNA Translation and Energy Metabolism in Cancer: The Role of the MAPK and mTORC1 Pathways
I. Topisirovic and N. Sonenberg
Therapeutic Targeting of Myc-Reprogrammed Cancer Cell Metabolism
C.V. Dang
Apoptosis and Autophagy
Integration of Apoptosis and Metabolism
C.H. Yi, H. Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg, and J. Yuan
Autophagy, Stress, and Cancer Metabolism: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger
R. Mathew and E. White
Autophagy in Protein and Organelle Turnover
N. Mizushima
Summary: Back to the Future: Molecular Biology Meets Metabolism
S. McKnight
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