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An Illustrated Chinese-English Guide for Biomedical Scientists

Subject Area(s):  Molecular BiologyHandbooksLaboratory Techniques

By James M. Samet; Weidong Wu; Yuh-Chin T. Huang; Xinchao Wang

Online Features: Website

The companion web site for the Chinese–English Guide is now live at http://chinese–
This supplementary web site provides a pronunciation guide for the terms covered in An Illustrated Chinese–English Guide for Biomedical Scientists. Click on a specific term to hear the English pronunciation.
The companion web site will open in a new browser window.

© 2004 • 115 pp., illus., illustrations index
Paperback • $25 5.00
ISBN  978-087969648-1
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The Illustrated Chinese–English Guide for Biomedical Scientists is intended to build confidence in the use of English scientific language. The book lists terms that are in common use in science laboratories, translated into both simplified and complex Chinese. It also contains illustrations of equipment, labeled in both languages.


Simplified Chinese
Complex Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Complex Chinese
U.S. Travel Information for Chinese Scientists
Simplified Chinese
Illustrated Laboratory Terminology
Detecting & Assaying
Separating & Fractionating
Supplies & Equipment
Comprehensive Laboratory Terminology
Illustrations Index


review:  In an article on Scienceís career development website, Laura Bonetta describes how the books An Illustrated Chinese-English Guide for Biomedical Scientists, At the Bench, and At the Helm have helped foreign scientists adapt to working in the United States.