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Clocks and Rhythms

(Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology LXXII)

Book Series:  Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology
Subject Area(s):  Cognition and BehaviorDevelopmental BiologyNeurobiology

Edited by Bruce Stillman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; David Stewart, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Terri Grodzicker, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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© 2007 • 674 pp., illus., indexes

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ISBN  978-087969822-5
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Interviews with various speakers from the Symposium can be found here.

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Based on presentations by world-renowned investigators at the 72nd annual Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology, this volume reviews the latest advances in biological clocks and rhythms. Topics include genetic and cellular studies aimed at characterizing circadian mechanisms; systems approaches to understanding physiological, endocrine, and neural networks; and models used for studying mental and physical cycles. A variety of normal and abnormal chronobiological patterns are discussed, including sleep, aging, migration, hibernation, seasonality, depression, and arrhythmias.


Symposium Participants

Biological Rhythms Workshop I: Introduction to Chronobiology S.J. Kuhlman, S.R. Mackey, and J.F. Duffy
Biological Rhythms Workshop IA: Molecular Basis of Rhythms Generation
S.R. Mackey
Biological Rhythms Workshop IB: Neurophysiology of SCN Pacemaker Function
S.J. Kuhlman
Biological Rhythms Workshop IC: Sleep and Rhythms
M.Y. Münch, S.W. Cain, and J.F. Duffy

A Cyanobacterial Circadian Clock Based on the Kai Oscillator
T. Kondo
A Circadian Clock in Neurospora: How Genes and Proteins Cooperate to Produce a Sustained, Entrainable, and Compensated Biological Oscillator with a Period of about a Day
J.C. Dunlap, J.J. Loros, H.V. Colot, A. Mehra, W.J. Belden, M. Shi, C.I. Hong, L.F. Larrondo, C.L. Baker, C.-H. Chen, C. Schwerdtfeger, P.D. Collopy, J.J. Gamsby, and R. Lambreghts
A PER/TIM/DBT Interval Timer for Drosophila’s Circadian Clock
L. Saez, P. Meyer, and M.W. Young
Transcriptional Feedback and Definition of the Circadian Pacemaker in Drosophila and Animals
M. Rosbash, S. Bradley, S. Kadener, Y. Li, W. Luo, J.S. Menet, E. Nagoshi, K. Palm, R. Schoer,Y. Shang, and C.-H.A. Tang
Genetic and Molecular Analysis of the Central and Peripheral Circadian Clockwork of Mice
E.S. Maywood, J.S. O’Neill, A.B. Reddy, J.E. Chesham, H.M. Prosser, C.P. Kyriacou, S.I.H. Godinho, P.M. Nolan, and M.H. Hastings
The Multiple Facets of Per2
U. Albrecht, A. Bordon, I. Schmutz, and J. Ripperger
Chromatin Remodeling and Circadian Control: Master Regulator CLOCK Is an Enzyme
B. Grimaldi,Y. Nakahata, S. Sahar, M. Kaluzova, D. Gauthier, K. Prahm, N. Patel, J. Hirayama, and P. Sassone-Corsi
The Ancestral Circadian Clock of Monarch Butterflies: Role in Time-compensated Sun Compass Orientation
S.M. Reppert
Structure and Function of Animal Cryptochromes
N. Öztürk, S.-H. Song, S. Özgür, C.P. Selby, L. Morrison, C. Partch, D. Zhong, and A. Sancar
Structure Function Analysis of Mammalian Cryptochromes
F. Tamanini, I. Chaves, M.I. Bajek, and G.T.J. van der Horst

Posttranscriptional and Posttranslational Mechanisms
The Gonyaulax Clock at 50: Translational Control of Circadian Expression
J.W. Hastings
Posttranscriptional Regulation of Mammalian Circadian Clock Output
E. Garbarino-Pico and C.B. Green
Biological Clocks and the Coordination Theory of RNA Operons and Regulons
J.D. Keene
Role of Phosphorylation in the Mammalian Circadian Clock
K. Vanselow and A. Kramer
Posttranslational Regulation of Neurospora Circadian Clock by CK1a-dependent Phosphorylation
C. Querfurth, A. Diernfellner, F. Heise, L. Lauinger, A. Neiss, Ö. Tataroglu, M. Brunner,and T. Schafmeier
Posttranslational Control of the Neurospora Circadian Clock
J. Cha, G. Huang, J. Guo, and Y. Liu
Posttranslational Photomodulation of Circadian Amplitude
D.E. Somers, S. Fujiwara, W.-Y. Kim, and S.-S. Suh
Circadian Output, Input, and Intracellular Oscillators: Insights into the Circadian Systems of Single Cells
J.J. Loros, J.C. Dunlap, L.F. Larrondo, M. Shi, W.J. Belden, V.D. Gooch, C.-H. Chen, C.L. Baker, A. Mehra, H.V. Colot, C. Schwerdtfeger, R. Lambreghts, P.D. Collopy, J.J. Gamsby, and C.I. Hong
Principles and Problems Revolving Round Rhythm-related Genetic Variants
J.C. Hall, D.C. Chang, and E. Dolezelova
Synchronization of the Drosophila Circadian Clock by Temperature Cycles
F.T. Glaser and R. Stanewsky
What Is There Left to Learn about the Drosophila Clock?
J. Blau, F. Blanchard, B. Collins, D. Dahdal, A. Knowles, D. Mizrak, and M. Ruben
Genetics and Neurobiology of Circadian Clocks in Mammals
S.M. Siepka, S.-H. Yoo, J. Park, C. Lee, and J.S. Takahashi
The Biology of the Circadian Ck1ε tau Mutation in Mice and Syrian Hamsters: A Tale of Two Species
A.S.I. Loudon, Q.J. Meng, E.S. Maywood, D.A. Bechtold, R.P. Boot-Handford, and M.H. Hastings
Novel Insights from Genetic and Molecular Characterization of the Human Clock
L.J. Ptâček, C.R. Jones, and Y.-H. Fu

Entrainment and Peripheral Clocks
Circadian Entrainment of Neurospora crassa
M. Merrow and T. Roenneberg
Constant Darkness Is a Mammalian Biological Signal
C.C. Lee
Entrainment of the Human Circadian Clock
T. Roenneberg and M. Merrow
Peripheral Clocks: Keeping Up with the Master Clock
E. Kowalska and S.A. Brown
Physiological Importance of a Circadian Clock Outside the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
K.-F. Storch, C. Paz, J. Signorovitch, E. Raviola, B. Pawlyk, T. Li, and C.J. Weitz
Regulation of Circadian Gene Expression in Liver by Systemic Signals and Hepatocyte Oscillators
B. Kornmann, O. Schaad, H. Reinke, C. Saini, and U. Schibler

Systems Approaches to Biological Clocks
Integrating the Circadian Oscillator into the Life of the Cyanobacterial Cell
S.S. Golden
The Yeast Metabolic Cycle: Insights into the Life of a Eukaryotic Cell
B.P. Tu and S.L. McKnight
Complexity of the Neurospora crassa Circadian Clock System: Multiple Loops and Oscillators
R.M. de Paula, M.W. Vitalini, R.H. Gomer, and D. Bell-Pedersen
The Diurnal Project: Diurnal and Circadian Expression Profiling, Model-based Pattern Matching, and Promoter Analysis
T.C. Mockler, T.P. Michael, H.D. Priest, R. Shen, C.M. Sullivan, S.A. Givan, C. McEntee, S.A. Kay, and J. Chory
Systems Biology of Mammalian Circadian Clocks
H.R. Ueda
High-resolution Time Course Analysis of Gene Expression from Pituitary
M. Hughes, L. DeHaro, S.R. Pullivarthy, J. Gu, K. Hayes, S. Panda, and J. Hogenesch
Nuclear Receptors, Metabolism, and the Circadian Clock
X. Yang, K.A. Lamia, and R.M. Evans

Bacterial Circadian Programs
C.H. Johnson
Stochastic Phase Oscillators and Circadian Bioluminescence Recordings
J. Rougemont and F. Naef
Reversible Protein Phosphorylation Regulates Circadian Rhythms
D.M. Virshup, E.J. Eide, D.B. Forger, M. Gallego, and E. Vielhaber Harnish
Evolution of the Clock from Yeast to Man by Period Doubling Folds in the Cellular Oscillator
R.R. Klevecz and C.M. Li

Development, Proliferation, and Aging
Intracellular Developmental Timers
M. Raff
Transcriptional Feedback Loop Regulation, Function, and Ontogeny in Drosophila
J. Benito, H. Zheng, F.S. Ng, and P.E. Hardin
Building the Spine: The Vertebrate Segmentation Clock
O. Pourquié
Ultradian Oscillators in Somite Segmentation and Other Biological Events
R. Kageyama, S. Yoshiura, Y. Masamizu, and Y. Niwa
The Role of Circadian Regulation in Cancer
S. Gery and H.P. Koeffler
Cross-talks between Circadian Timing System and Cell Division Cycle Determine Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
F. Lévi, E. Filipski, I. Iurisci, X.M. Li, and P. Innominato
The Clock Proteins, Aging, and Tumorigenesis
R.V. Kondratov and M.P. Antoch
Sirtuins in Aging and Disease
L. Guarente
Identification of Caenorhabditis elegans Genes Regulating Longevity Using Enhanced RNAi-sensitive Strains
A.V. Samuelson, R.R. Klimczak, D.B. Thompson, C.E. Carr, and G. Ruvkun

Neuroanatomy and Circuits
Circadian Photoreception in Vertebrates
S. Doyle and M. Menaker
Multiple Photoreceptors Contribute to Nonimage-forming Visual Functions Predominantly through Melanopsin-containing Retinal Ganglion Cells
A.D. Güler, C.M. Altimus, J.L. Ecker, and S. Hattar
The Lateral and Dorsal Neurons of Drosophila melanogaster: New Insights about Their Morphology and Function
C. Helfrich-Förster, T. Yoshii, C. Wülbeck, E. Grieshaber, D. Rieger, W. Bachleitner, P. Cusumano, and F. Rouyer
Exploring Spatiotemporal Organization of SCN Circuits
L. Yan, I. Karatsoreos, J. LeSauter, D.K. Welsh, S. Kay, D. Foley, and R. Silver
Inducible Clocks: Living in an Unpredictable World
C.B. Saper and P.M. Fuller
Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Clock Time in the Mammalian Circadian System
H. Okamura

Sleep, Seasons, and Mood
Molecular Analysis of Sleep:Wake Cycles in Drosophila
A. Sehgal, W. Joiner, A. Crocker, K. Koh, S. Sathyanarayanan, Y. Fang, M. Wu, J.A. Williams, and X. Zheng
Neurohormonal and Neuromodulatory Control of Sleep in Drosophila?
K. Foltenyi, R. Andretic, J.W. Newport, and R.J. Greenspan
Molecular Analysis of Sleep
M. Tafti and P. Franken
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Humans
C.A. Czeisler and J.J. Gooley
Thermosensitive Splicing of a Clock Gene and Seasonal Adaptation
W.-F. Chen, K.H. Low, C. Lim, and I. Edery
Endogenous Circannual Clock and HP Complex in a Hibernation Control System
N. Kondo
On the Chronobiology of Cohabitation
M.J. Paul and W.J. Schwartz
Melatonin and Human Chronobiology
A.J. Lewy
A Role for the Clock Gene in Bipolar Disorder
C.A. McClung
The Possible Interplay of Synaptic and Clock Genes in Autism Spectrum Disorders
T. Bourgeron
Summary. Circadian Clocks: 50 Years On
M. Menaker

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