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Not-for-profit publishers partner to launch new research journal Life Science Alliance


Heidelberg, New York, and Cold Spring Harbor, 3 April 2018 - EMBO Press, Rockefeller University Press, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press today announced the launch of Life Science Alliance, a new global, open access, editorially independent, peer-reviewed journal committed to rapid, fair, and transparent publication of valuable research from across the life sciences. Manuscripts can be submitted to Life Science Alliance directly or by seamless transfer without reformatting from nine partner journals: The EMBO Journal, EMBO Reports, Molecular Systems Biology, EMBO Molecular Medicine, Journal of Cell Biology, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Journal of General Physiology, Genes & Development, and Genome Research.

The alliance between three distinguished academic publishing houses offers authors a new and attractive choice among not-for-profit, open access journals. Authors of papers transferred to Life Science Alliance with or without referee reports are given a firm commitment prior to transfer. Timely editorial decisions are made through collaborative consultation between the editorial team and leading academic scientists. No more than one round of experimental revision will be requested.

Papers published in Life Science Alliance meet high scientific and editorial standards established by the alliance partners for new results. Life Science Alliance welcomes important confirmatory, negative, and refuting data, as well as community resources such as datasets, screens, and new methods. To increase the reproducibility of results and stimulate data sharing, Life Science Alliance encourages authors to publish source data alongside each figure.


For more information, visit http://www.life-science-alliance.org.

About EMBO Press

EMBO Press is an editorially independent publishing platform for the development of EMBO scientific publications. It is founded on the principle that scientific publishing should be transparent, fair, and ethical and must support a reliable, reproducible literature. The EMBO Journal, EMBO Reports, Molecular Systems Biology and EMBO Molecular Medicine, the four journals of EMBO Press publish important advances in the life sciences from around the globe, ranging from structural biology, biophysics and systems biology to cell- and developmental biology and molecular medicine.

About Rockefeller University Press

The Rockefeller University Press (RUP) is committed to quality and integrity in scientific publishing. Our goal is to publish excellent science using the latest technologies. We carry out rigorous peer review, applying the highest standards of novelty, mechanistic insight, data integrity, and general interest. RUP publishes Journal of Cell Biology, Journal of Experimental Medicine, and Journal of General Physiology, and co-publishes Life Science Alliance with EMBO Press and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. Academic Editors are essential to editorial decision making at all RUP journals. RUP is a department of The Rockefeller University, a leading biomedical research university dedicated to conducting innovative, high-quality research to improve the understanding of life for the benefit of humanity.

About Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press is an internationally renowned publisher of books, journals, and electronic media, located on Long Island, New York. Since 1933, it has furthered the advance and spread of scientific knowledge in all areas of genetics and molecular biology, including cancer biology, plant science, bioinformatics, and neurobiology. It is a division of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, an innovator in life science research and the education of scientists, students, and the public.


Life Science Alliance
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Dr. Tilmann Kiessling, Head of Communications
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Mobile: +49 - 160 901 93 839

Rockefeller University Press
Rory Williams, Director of Communications and Marketing
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Mobile: +1 212-327-8603

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Wayne Manos, Director of Product Development and Marketing
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