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The Autophagy-Cancer Connection


In an upcoming G&D paper, Dr. Masashi Narita (Cancer Research UK) and colleagues functionally link autophagy and cellular senescence. Using a model of oncogenic ras-induced senescence, the authors show that senescence activates autophagy in human fibroblast cells. Dr. Narita and colleagues demonstrate that over-expression of an autophagy inducer also induces senescence, while the inhibition of autophagy delays senescence. Future work will be aimed at delineating the precise role of autophagy in tumorigenesis, but this paper firmly establishes a key role for autophagy in senescence.

Refers to: Autophagy mediates the mitotic-senescence transition
Andrew R. J. Young, Masako Narita, Manuela Ferreira, Kristina Kirschner, Mahito Sadaie, Jeremy F.J. Darot, Simon Tavare, Satoko Arakawa, Shigeomi Shimizu, Fiona M Watt, and Masashi Narita


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