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New book from CSHL Press explores the evolution of sexual reproduction


The genetic interests of males and females often diverge; traits favored by one sex can be costly to the other. Over time, this "battle of the sexes," or sexual conflict, has important evolutionary consequences (e.g., speciation).

Written and edited by experts in the field, The Genetics and Biology of Sexual Conflict from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology examines the underlying biology of sexual conflict—from the molecular to the behavioral levels—and its role as an important driver of evolution. Contributors review multiple examples of sexual antagonism (e.g., parental care and mating rate), its genetic basis, the various and sometimes dramatic ways that it is manifested (e.g., infanticide and copulatory wounding), and its evolutionary impacts, especially on male–female coevolution and reproductive isolation. Topics such as hermaphroditism and homosexuality are also covered.

This volume includes discussion of the evolutionary origins of sexual conflict and its relationship to other evolutionary forces (e.g., sexual selection). It will thus be fascinating reading for all geneticists and biologists who are interested in the evolution of sexual reproduction.

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